What: release party of FRITS magazine and opening new parking garage Eindhoven Airport

Last week I (Valerie van der Pas) met Eddie de Mol, a top photographer if I might say so.  We had a great conversation and discussed some business as well. End of the evening he invited me to the FRITS release party, which took place at the Eindhoven airport

To experience the new parking garage, you had the opportunity to reserve a spot for your car. Parking attendants were waiting for you at the entrance for the ultimate experience and excellent service.

Entering the event was only possible with a special invitation. Hans Matheeuwse, owner, editor, and publisher of Frits magazine opened the event at the business center of the Eindhoven Airport. Roel Hellemons, owner of the Eindhoven airport shared stories of the new parking garage and future plans of the Airport itself. 

After that, we had the change to mingle, eat some of the delicious food and talk to the other guests. It was a pleasure to meet some members of the Frits team. A team that can teach me a thing or two!

Chimène van Oosterhout, tv personality and LUV singer, who is from the Eindhoven area, is shown on the beautiful cover of the new Frits magazine. 

We would like to thank Eddie de Mol for this invitation and Expat Group is looking forward to the next event of FRITS magazine. Please take a look at it yourself: www.frits.nl or start following them on social media: https://www.facebook.com/FritsMagazine