Rent out your property through Expat Group
Would you like to temporary rent our your property by a liable party, than choosing Expat Group is an excellent choice. Expat Group takes care of everything for Expats who are moving to the South of the Netherlands, including finding the right property. We have the right connections to bring together supply and demand in the rental business for temporary housing.

What are Expats?
Expats are highly educated international employees, who are transferred by a company abroad or hired by a Dutch company for their specific expertise. Often they have a high income or get a housing allowance, which makes them allegeable for rental houses in the private sector. Expats often get a contract for a certain amount of time between 1 and 3 years, so for you as a homeowner it will be clear when they will exit your property. Expats are looking for houses that are available for a fixed period of time, preferably furnished.

Please ask us for useful tips how to decorate your house the best way to be rented out for Expats.

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Why rent out your property through Expat Group?
Expat Group can manage the complete rental process for homeowners or real estate developers, from drawing up the lease agreement to a thorough exit inspection and everything in between. We offer 2 different packages, the choice is up to you how much or little you want to take care of yourself.

Basic package:
We take care of the viewing of the property, the signing of the lease agreement, check in and the financial administration of the deposit and first month’s rent. As homeowner you will remain responsible for the exit inspection, maintenance, contact with the Expat and collection of the remaining monthly rent.

Full service:
We will take care of the complete home management of the property: viewing, check in, check out with thorough exit inspection, screening, maintenance, communication with the Expat, complete financial administration and collection of the monthly rent.

Would you like to contact other homeowners and verify their experience with Expat Group? We happily get you in contact with them.

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