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Expat Group will soon be offering several hotspot tours in Tilburg, once life will give us the chance to experience the great nightlife and enjoy a great local bear, excellent wine or indulgent food. We will show you around town and give you a little insight in the many exciting and latest hotspots, its history and a taste of the Dutch kitchen. With 215,579 inhabitants, Tilburg is a city with a surprisingly unique character and a rich history originating from the textile industry. Tilburg also has many new and modern innovations that distinguish the city from the rest. A unique railway park, a city park, the LocHal which already is famous around the world, many unique and sustainable initiatives (Food013, cityfarm etc.), many unique restaurants and bars with great culinary experiences throughout the city. All information about the latest hotspots in Tilburg will be accessible for all expats

working with Expat Group. 

For people interested in taking one of our hotspots tours, please contact us to find

out more: info@expatgroup.eu

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