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About Expat Group

The Expat Group is founded by Valerie van de Pas and focuses on expats arriving in the South of the Netherlands. Tilburg and Eindhoven are becoming more and more international and she decided to focus her relocation services in that area.

Moving to the Netherlands can be a challenge and you might need help to make all kind of arrangements. Settling in takes time and a lot of work. This is where the Expat Group can take over.

We are helping in any way to make sure your new house, living environment and country becomes your home away from home. We make sure the whole family feels comfortable and at ease. Finding the right school for the children, so they can settle in quickly and you can resume your daily routine as soon as possible. We provide personal attention, excellent home management and have local expertise. We provide a wide range of services, all focused on your needs.

What we stand for

Supporting the expat and the family is our primary task. At Expat Group we make sure everyone feels at home and finds the right house and school for you and your family. With our excellent home management, personal attention and local expertise we want to make a difference for all.

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Contact us for more information about the area, our services and properties.