Transport service

The Dutch transportation is very well organized. The roads are smooth and structured; cyclists have their own cycle paths; public transportation is good and easy to use.

When arriving in a new country, it is good to know the basic road rules. The Netherlands can be very hectic and is a full country with lots of traffic. Bikes, cars, busses, taxis will all use the same streets and lanes.

Expat Group is here to help

Expat Group is here to help you get started and find your way around when you arrive in the Netherlands.

We can pick you up from the airport, rent a car for you and refer you to one of our partners who can take care of all the details in case you want to buy or lease a car. We can join you to every appointment or can arrange an interpreter if needed. We are also happy to explain the way the public transportation works in your living area or help you find your way by bike.



The Netherlands is the perfect place to explore by bike. The country has many cycle paths and cycle routes, the landscape is flat, distances are short and there is a lot to see and do along the way.

Before you take your first bike for a spin on the Dutch roads, make sure you know the official rules:

Click here for traffic rules and regulations for cyclists

If you need some extra help, let us know and we make sure that you feel comfortable riding your bike.


Public transportation

The Netherlands has an excellent public transportation system, and the swipe card payment OV-chipkaart, is the official transport payment system for the metro, bus and tram throughout the Netherlands.

Check out the English website to see all details of the OV-chipcard for more information: Click here


Buying a car

Besides using public transportation and hopping onto your bike, you might be interested in buying or leasing a car for the time you spend in the Netherlands. We are happy to help you in person and direct you to our partners (BMW van Laarhoven/Eindhoven) who can assist you during the whole process.

Click this link for more information. 



Sometimes it could be easier to take a taxi for your trip. In the bigger city’s they have special taxi stands for instance at the train station, popular squares or at tourist attractions. Otherwise most taxis are just a phone call away.


Uber Taxi

Uber is an alternative taxi service that you use via an app on your smartphone. Uber taxi services are only available in major cities in the Netherlands and have no national coverage yet.


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