Social intergration

The South part of the Netherlands is a great place to spend your free time. Whether you want to go out, enjoy the region’s cultural sights, go shopping, spend your holiday, participate in sports, enjoy nature, there is something for everybody! The social and cultural facilities in the region are excellent. There is so much to choose from: museums, music, theater performances, festivals, cinema, and more!

The region also offers a wide choice in restaurants and cafés. For those who prefer the great outdoors, the countryside is surprisingly green, and there are great areas for those who like to bike, to walk, or simply enjoy a beer on a lovely terrace on a small village market square. There is plenty of nature to explore!

Intercultural Training

In order to feel at home as soon as possible, it can be helpful to get to know the Dutch way of life, their traditions and the do’s and don’ts in private and business life.

At Expat Group we believe a successful integration in a new country starts with knowledge about your new environment. Expat Group offers intercultural training to educate the international transferee on recognizing multi-cultural differences and how to overcome obstacles.

Our goal is to make you and your family feel home as soon as possible.

Research shows that executives and individuals can significantly reduce stress and better achieve work and domestic goals via increased awareness of cultural differences.


Expat connections

As an expat it can be easier to connect with other expats than the locals. You both are in the same situation: living in a strange country away from your friends, family and home. No calendar yet to fill and a lot to discover.

When you are an experienced expat and have moved around the world several times, you know where to go and find your connections, but if you are the first time around, it can be a challenge. We are happy to connect with your minds alike.

Other groups to connect with online or offline can be:



There are a lot of FB groups around expats. Just look around to find some in your neighborhood.

Some groups we can refer to:

  • Coffee with expat women,
  • Expat Spouses initiative,
  • Expats in the Netherlands







North American Women’s club of Eindhoven:


Portal for Latin Americans: