Financial services


The Dutch government aims to create an attractive and welcoming environment for knowledge workers and talent from abroad. However, it takes some administrative hurdles and bureaucracy to figure out how the Dutch system works. 

Be aware that some expats can compensate extraterritorial costs and apply for the 30% Tax Facility.

Expat Group can refer you to our experts when it comes to all issues that are tax related.


The Dutch banking system is very sophisticated compared to a lot of other countries: Internet banking, contactless payment with your debit card and easy apps to help you split the bill or pay a friend in no time.

Expat Group can make an appointment with our banking partner ABN AMRO and join you, if needed, to have your bank account set up and all the tools you need for a smooth transition into the Dutch financial system.


Expat Group helps you to determine where to go to get the best insurance for you and your family. We have several partners who are specialized in insurance packages for expats.

Health Insurance

This might be taken care of by your employer, as most companies have a collective insurance. If not, we are happy to help you sort it out and make sure to get the insurance that fits your family’s needs.

Private insurance

Insurance is not the first thing on your mind when moving to another country. It is important though to protect your belongings or make sure you are covered for liability and accidents.

Expat Group can contact our insurance partner to advice you regarding the insurances you need for you and your family. Think about insurance for liability, household contents, travel, accident, motor vehicle, legal assistance, life insurance etc.


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