Dutch educational system


The general term for childcare in the Netherlands is kinderopvang and includes:

Childcare facilities: day care centers, host parents, preschool and after school care or childcare services: playgroup, babysitting, nannies and au pairs.

The demand for childcare facilities in the Netherlands is high and waiting lists can be long. Some employers offer their own childcare facilities. At your local municipal government (city hall) they might have an overview of the different options available to you.

Enrolling in education when you’re new to Holland

The educational system here is probably different than in your home country.  You must register your children with the municipality before you can register at a school. Most children start school from the age of four but primary education is only compulsory from the age of five. Full time education continues until 16 and at least part-time until 18.

In the Netherlands the way of teaching can differ from one to the other school. We have several bilingual primary and secondary schools, but also International schools in the South part of the Netherlands.

What could be the best fit depends on the child, the way of learning and the preference of the parents.

We at Expat Group are happy to help you to explain the differences and can guide you in the right direction to find the right childcare solution or school for your children.

Learn and speak the language like a Dutchie

Although lots of people in the Netherlands speak English very well, learning Dutch will help you feel more at home in the Netherlands, will open up more job opportunities and will make everyday interactions easier. It could also be fun and a good way to meet people. Municipalities sometimes run courses and you may be able to go on a course through your employer.

Expat Group can help you to find the right language course or to get you into contact with other expats or locals to join forces in learning Dutch.


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